Hibiscus syriacus is a hardy deciduous shrub. Individual flowers are short-lived, lasting only a day. However, numerous buds produced on the shrub's new growth provide prolific flowering over a long summer blooming period. Hibiscus syriacus is highly tolerant of air pollution, heat, humidity, poor soil and drought. The species has naturalized very well in many suburban areas, and might even be termed slightly invasive.


Atena Alaie, Seunghoon Baek, Juliana Boller, Jakob Braito, Irena Djukanovic, Ophelia Flassig, Jonas Höschl, Juyoung Kim, Raphael Krome, Jan Dominik Kudla, Florian Kuhn, Amelie Lössl, Maria Margolina, Elisabeth Pletzer, Mathias Reitz Zausinger, Riccardo Rudi, Maximilian Schachtner, Patrik Thomas, Giulia Zabarella, Ranran Zhu

Thanks to Julia Maier and Olaf Nicolai

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